All laundry processed by Jomar must be machine washable.

Laundry is typically returned on the customer’s next scheduled delivery date. Some pieces may be held back for re-wash. Items held back will be returned the following week.

A laundry work order must be filled out by the customer prior to pick up and given to the driver.

Jomar cannot assume responsibility for discrepancies on laundry work orders.

Jomar reserves the right to determine if a particular fabric is “regular” or “speciality.”

We gladly wash related linen items. Please call with questions and for pricing.

Laundry items that we are unable to get fully clean will be returned with a note informing you that the cloth may be unusable. The laundry price will still be charged since we attempted to clean the linen as best as possible.

All items dropped off at Jomar will be billed upon completion of the laundry and all invoices must be picked up and paid within 30 days.

Minimum Order Amount:        A $20 processing fee, in addition to the laundry pricing, will be added to all laundry orders less than $50.

Please note: Jomar assumes that all linens given to us for laundry are machine washable/ durable. If not, we cannot be held responsible for damage to your linens. All processing is done under industrial operations.

Follow link to download and fill out laundry work order to have prepared for pick up.