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Washing instructions for purchased linens



100% Polyester

Laundering:   We recommend that all table linens be laundered at least once prior to first use in order to soften. 


Your laundry chemical supplier should work out the proper wash formulas and procedures for the equipment you have installed and the linens you use.  Warm water wash temperatures and related drying temperatures suggested here will significantly reduce energy costs, and provide better results at the same time.

Before You Wash:   Make sure your washer and dryer are in good working order with no rough areas that might snag the napery.  Both washer and dryer should have adjustable temperature controls.


When Sorting:   Separate your loads into categories.

  –  Darks and lights should be separated.

  –  Shake out laundry during this stage to make sure no food or sharp objects are accidentally put through the wash.

  –  We recommend that Vantage and Fortex linens be washed separately due to cycle variations.


When You Wash:   Never overload machine.  For better agitation and less wrinkling, fill machine to three-quarters of manufacturers recommended level of table linens.


Set wash temperatures no higher than necessary:

  –  140 degrees Fahrenheit should give good results- start with this before using hotter water.  Avoid temperatures above 165 degrees to minimize shrinkage.

 –  To prevent thermal-shock at high temperatures use a gradual cool-down or split rinses.


Choose laundry with the right alkalinity.

  –  Alkaline at various levels can be destructive, causing fading and other problems.  Check with your chemical

     supplier for the right product.  Alkali should not be above 2,000 PPM — Normal 1,000 to 1,400 PPM.


Be careful with bleach.

  –  Bleach (non-chlorine) may be used, but can cause polyester to fade or change color shade.

  –  Always avoid water softeners.


When You Extract:

  –  Keep extraction time short (30-60 seconds) to minimize wrinkles.

  –  Use a centrifugal rather than hydraulic extractor.


When You Dry:

  –  Do not overload dryer.  Fill only to half of the recommended level to minimize wrinkling.

  –  Set dryer so that temperature does not exceed 140 degrees F.

  –  Do not over dry.  Generally drying time should run 10-15 minutes when necessary.

  –  For best results with wrinkles, remove linens while still slightly damp then iron.

These are only HINTS for taking care of your linen.  You may want to consult the maker of your laundry equipment or the supplier of your washing chemicals.




 Sample Laundry Procedure for Spun Polyester Fortex 

Machine:                       Unimac or Milner

Load Size:                      140 lb. washer

Step      Operation         Time                 Temp                Level                Chemicals

  1         Flush                      4                  Hot                   Med/High          Booster (1/2 amount)

  2         Suds                     14                  Hot                   Low/Med           Booster & Detergent

  3         Bleach                  12                  Hot                   Low/Med           Bleach (Cl or O2)

  4         Rinse                     3                  Hot                   High                

  5         Rinse                     2                  140° – 145°        High                 Extract Medium Speed

  6         Rinse                     2                  125° – 130°        High                 Extract Medium Speed

  7         Rinse                     2                  115° – 120°        High

  8         Rinse / Sour            5                  100°                  Low/Med           Sour Only

  9         Final Extract         4-5                                         

Hot = Up to 160°

Booster – Half normal amount

Step Down Rinse 15°± over 2 to 3 minute periods





Sample Laundry Procedure for Vantage


Step      Operation         Time                 Temp                Level                Chemicals

  1         Prewash             6 min                160                   High                 10 oz Booster


  2          Suds                  14 min               160                   Low                  12 oz Booster

               Bath                                                                                                  8 oz Detergent

  3          Bleach               14 min               160                   Low                  4 oz Booster

               Bath                                                                                               12 oz Oxy Bleach

  4          Rinse                4 min                160                   High                

  5          Rinse                3 min                145                   High    

  6          Rinse                3 min                130                   High

  7          Intermediate Extract         1 min

  8          Rinse                3 min                120                   High

  9          Intermediate Extract         1 min

 10         Rinse                5 min                90                     Low/ Med             5 oz Sour

 11         Final Extract       5 min 



 Sample Laundry Procedure for NOVA 

Load Size:                      100 lb. washer

Step                Operation         Time (min)        Temp           Level                Chemicals

  1                       Suds                    15                    160                High                 12 oz Alkali      

                         Suds Bath                                                                                     14 oz  HD 1000                                               

  2                Bleach “no drain”        8                     160               Med                 6 oz Alkali

                                                                                                                             14 oz Chlorine 7%

  3                 2nd Bleach                6                       160              High                  4 oz Alkali                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                              8 oz Chlorine 7%.     

  4                      Rinse                     4                        160              High                                                       

  5                      Rinse                     3.                       145              High                 Cool  down                 

  6                      Rinse                     3.                       130              High                 Cool  down               

  7        Intermediate Extract       2

  8.                 Final Rinse              5                          90                Med                 3 oz Sour

  9.               Final Extract             4                                               Med                                                 

Note:  HD 1000 is the name of the soap we use here.  Ecolab has  


something similar          which they call Turbo Lifter







Key:  Bring the temperature down slowly.  If you come down too 


fast, you will “shock” the fabric and the wrinkles will come back 


after the fabric cools.



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