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Heart Shape: For best results, send us a pattern of your Heart Shape table in order for us to match the size correctly.
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   Always Welcomed"

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Jomar can custom make most any size linen.
Quality = Profitability
Higher quality fabrics create more durable linens which last longer and thus make more money.



















"We rent napkins in

over 200 different colors and fabrics".

Increase your profitability with linens.

 “Our goal is to help you make money with linens.  Owning and renting table linens can be one of the most profitable items in party rentals.  With nearly 32 years experience we can help you determine the best inventory choices for your particular needs.  We continue to offer the same high quality solid colors year-after-year so that you can build your inventory and we add new fabrics and colors each year to help keep you current and attracting new customers.”

Hundreds of colors and fabrics in stock

Quality tablecloths for the party industry since 1982

  • Banquet cloths
  • Table drapes
  • Rounds and overlays
  • Specialty sizes
  • Specialty fabrics
  • Coordinating napkins
  • Immediate shipping
  • Custom production work
  • Purchase or Sub-Rental
  • Discount programs
  • Quantity pricing
  • Great customer service
All items are manufactured right here in the USA.

Standard sizes and shapes

(Custom sizes available too)

60", 72", 84", 90", 96", 102",
108", 120", 126", 132"
45" x 45", 54" x 54", 60" x 60", 72" x 72",
81" x 81",  84" x 84", 90" x 90", 108" x 108",
114" x 114", 120" x 120", 132" x 132"

(Rounded corners on cloths to the floor)

60" x 90", 60" x 96", 60" x 108",
60" x 120", 60" x 126", 72" x 144",
90" x 108", 90" x 120", 90" x 132", 90" x 156", 108" x 132", 108" x 156", 114" x 156"
(Rounded corners on cloths to the floor)

Contoured Shapes

Compare:  When selecting a linen supplier, we encourage you to compare fabric quality and consistency.  Jomar offers higher quality material in our Vantage and Fortex line – you can see and feel the difference.  We’d be glad to send you a sample.  Don’t get lured in just by low pricing; making money in the rental business is all about “turns”… how many times can you rent that item?

TIP: Umbrella tables: We can add a "garden slit" to any tablecloth so you can use it with your umbrella tables. These cloths can still be used indoors by simply covering the slit (shaped like a button hole) with any centerpiece.


Jomar only uses first-quality, commercial-grade fabrics

Select each fabric below for further description and swatches;


Cocktail Napkins 10" x 10"
Lunch Napkins 17" x 17"
Dinner Napkins 20" x 20"
Oversize Napkins 22" x 22"

How about Double-Sided Napkins? Try our Iridescent crush fabrics with a solid-tone backing - keeping the fashion fabric with the usefulness of a Vantage napkin. Also, some clients prefer their NovaInfinity and Swirl napkins with a Solid Nova backing.

TIP: Learn a few fancy napkin folds to decorate your showroom, and pass on skills to your clients!

Successful party rental stores know the Profitability of table linen rental.  Table cloths and napkins bring in business.  People love the colors and appreciate fabric over plastic or paper.  Rental stores realize that in 2 or 3 rentals the inventory is fully paid for and making money - Great return on investment.


Specialty Linens

Fitted Tablecloths

  • With or without pleats

Aisle Runners

  • Typically 25', 50', 75' or 100' lenghts

  • Usually 30" wide and sold in pairs.

Umbrella Tablecloths

Table Runners

  • Standard size 12" x 120"

Cocktail Tables

  • Use standard size cloths whenever possible

  • Custom sizes to fit your table size measurements.

Labor Only: Want to use your own fabric?

If you have a fabric you would like us to cut and sew, just give us a call and then send it in. Coordinate your fabric yardage and sizing with our customer service department and we will custom-make your own fabric into tablecloths, napkins, etc.

See the back of our price list for Labor Only Pricing.

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