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Wholesale manufacturer of table linens for the special event industry

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Jomar chair cover rental price
includes the chair tie.
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Linen Sizing Chart

Hundreds colors and fabrics for

special event linen rental.

Convenient nation-wide linen rentals with FedEx

Tablecloths arrive to you ready for delivery on hangers, in plastic bags, with size labels

High quality Fortex Poplin linens are used as our standard fabric. Plus 96 Nova and other specialty linens are available.

Return freight paid by Jomar on out-of-town rental
(on orders above $50.00)

Local pick-up and delivery

Rental Items:

  • Tablecloths
  • Napkins
  • Chair Covers
  • Chair Ties
  • Aisle Runners
  • Serpentines
  • Skirting
  • Table Runners
  • Felt Table Pads

Rental linens are available in 16 different fabrics. Available sizes vary by fabric and color. See Rental Size Availability Chart.

Fabrics for Sub-Rental

Laundry services also available
(See Below)
  • High Quality Fabrics
  • Discounted Freight
  • Same Day Shipping
  • Easy to Order and Return

Click on fabric name for color choices.

Chair Covers Available for Sub-Rental

Note: Rental pricing includes the chair ties in matching fabric.

Rental Styles / Fabrics / Colors Available:

Ballroom (Banquet) Chair:

  • Nova™ Solid

    - White, Black, Champagne

  • Vantage

    - White, Black, Ivory

  • Satin Stripe

    - White, Black, Ivory

Plastic Folding Chair:

  • Vantage

    - White, Black, Ivory

  • Satin Stripe

    - White, Black, Ivory

    Custom made chair covers are available for purchase. Call Today 866-390-1444

Chair Ties Available for Sub-Rental

Match every color at the event. All colors available in Fortex™, Nova™ Solid, Nova™ Pintuck,  Nova™ Swirl, Nova™ Infinity, Prairie & Sedona, Iridescent Crush, Satin Stripe, Sparkle Organza, Damask, Poly Satin, Denim (Dark Blue), Tartan Plaid, Gingham (Red & Royal) and Lamé (Gold or Silver).

Our standard rental chair tie measures 6" X 105"

"Chair tie rentals are available with or without chair cover rentals."

Why Rent from Jomar?

  • Discounted freight rates passed on to you.
  • Quick delivery/shipping: Same day or next day shipping when necessary
  • High Quality Fabrics.
  • Easy nationwide program with FedEx.
  • No extra steps: Simply count and inspect each return linen; then place them in the return box and FedEx will show up with a Call Tag on the pre-arranged date.
  • Changes can typically be accommodated on rental orders up until your order is shipped
  • Better presentation to your customers

What are advantages in using Jomar for both rental and purchase?

  • Increase your sales: Make all our 250 colors and fabrics available to your clients without having to own all the inventory.
  • BUY AND RENT: whichever meets needs depending upon color, size and quantity.
  • Coordinate tablecloth rentals and purchases with matching colors and fabrics to maximize your inventory
  • Supplement your own party linen inventory with our rental program to provide both continuity and the quantity of linens you need to accommodate any size event.
  • Hangers, poly bags, Velcro, clips and Couvert Clips available in Accessories
  • All of our products are available for purchase

How to Rent from Jomar:

  • Simply call, fax, or email your order.
  • Receive your linens - on hangers ready for your customer.
  • Keep the red & black labels we include in your boxes to use for the return shipment.
  • Once you receive the linens back from your customer, count & inspect for damages and then place them back into the same boxes they arrived in.
  • Simply keep any damaged linens and we will bill you later for the replacement cost.
  • Attach the prepaid FedEx return labels we sent to you onto the outside of the boxes,one on each box.
  • FedEx shows up at your door to pick up.  Just make sure they take the correct boxes and your finished.
  • Call and place your next order... if you haven't already done so.

Helpful hints:

  • If you email or fax an order to us, please call to confirm that we received it (you know how technology is sometimes).

  • Make sure your employees hang on to the FedEx return labels we sent.

  • Keep any damaged linens and charge your customer right away for the replacement cost. -Same for any missing linens. That way you can get paid before you receive the invoice from us.

  • Let us know right away if FedEx doesn't arrive for the scheduled Pick-Up.

Important Sub-Rental Note:  Jomar has all the proper equipment, chemical agents and experience to remove some of the toughest stains from all types of fabric.  However, there are some stains that our clients may cause that are simply impenetrable.  Examples of those may be motor oil/grease, some kitchen cooking grease, paint and ink.  The improper handling of table linens can result in the transfer of these soils onto the linens.  In order to avoid replacement charges, we encourage customers to remind the end-users to carefully handle the table linens and napkins.

Jomar is happy to take care of your dirty laundry.


  • All laundry must be machine washable.
  • We can launder tablecloths of any type as well as Skirting, Aisle Runners, Chair Covers and Ties, Napkins, Table Runners and miscellaneous items such as Aprons, Jackstand covers, etc.
  • Both “Regular” and “Specialty” laundry is available depending upon the fabrics and sizes you need cleaned.
  • Pick-up and delivery available (for orders less than $50, a $20 fee will be added)
  • Typically most laundry is returned on the customer’s next scheduled delivery date.
  • We provide laundry work orders for you to fill-out with your linen counts and sizes.
  • Out-of-town customers…. Let us know if you would like to send us some laundry that we can take care of for you and we’ll ship it back right away.

Please inquire about pricing and laundry policies on our Price List.

Important Note:  Jomar assumes that all linens given to us for laundry are machine washable and durable enough to withstand commercial laundry machinery and chemicals.  We cannot be held responsible for damage to your linens.  All processing is done under industrial operations.

Please call our office or email us to receive pricing information, laundry policies, and details to get your account started. 866-390-1444


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