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Specialty Linens

White, Black, and Ivory solid color linens may be the biggest moneymakers you have in linens. Yet, Specialty Table Linens can be both profitable and great for business.

For example: Table Runners are hot right now and they are an inexpensive way to add accent and color to a party.

Table Runners

Great decorative accent, low cost and versatile.

Table runners are very popular now as a way to spice-up the look of table decor. They add color, texture, dimension and flare.

  • Typical runner sizes are: 12" X 90" and 12" X 120
  • Purchase or Sub-Rent table runners.
  • Coordinate matching colors & fabrics.
  • Add a Satin or Nova™ Solid trim to create unique looks.
  • Great way to add dozens of colors and fabrics to your tablecloth inventory.

Printed Table Runners

Jomar can also silk screen onto your tablecloths and runners. Typically these require larger quantities to make them economically possible (maybe 20 or more linens). Please call for details.

But Jomar carries a few printed table runners in stock.
These are a unique additional item you can offer that customers can’t buy anywhere else.

"Congratulations" Table Runners in either White or Black

"Happy Birthday" Table Runners

Click on the picture

Contoured Shape Tablecloths

Serpentine Tablecloths

This is a fitted tablecloth that goes over the serpentine shape table like a "toaster cover" or a box top. Standard sizes are 3', 4', 5', and 6'. But they do make serpentine tables 8' and 10'.
How to measure: A serpentine table is "measured" or sized by the donut hole opening when you put all four pieces together to make a circle. The diameter of the "hole" is the size of the table. So if you put all four serpentine tables together to make a circle…. Or a donut…. Then simply measure straight across the hole and see what the diameter is. That tells you the size of your table. Or, even easier, call the manufacturer of your tables and ask them what size you have!! Custom Size Available…

Serpentine Table Size Chart

Heart Shape Tablecloths

A unique wedding or bridal shower table can be a terrific accent table.
But heart shape tables always require a pattern for us to match in order to make a fitted tablecloth to go over these properly. Please cut one out of paper or cardboard and send it to us to match your table.

We recommend our Vantage material for these contoured shape tablecloths since after washing the linens, the shrinkage will be minimal and the seam will stay near the top edge of the table and not pull up onto the top.

Fitted Banquet Tablecloths

Typically used more by retail stores for Visual Display tablecloths. Some rental stores like the look of these fitted style tablecloths for buffet tables, head tables, and especially for trade show and convention tables.

Either Pleated on the corners for a more formal look or Non-pleated on the corners (less expensive). Fitted banquet cloths can be made for any size rectangle or square table: 4, 5, 6, 8 or more. You will need to specify which size table you have (both width and length) and also specify the "drop" or how high the table is off the ground. Most standard banquet tables are about 30" high. Thus we usually make the drop on these cloths 29" so that they come just above the ground or carpet.

We recommend using our Vantage material for these tablecloths as well. But many stores use Fortex™, Nova™, Satin Stripe and more.

Fitted and Contoured Tablecloths are usually sold in even numbers. And yes, you can order them custom sized with higher or lower drops. The minimum on these may be just one…. It all depends upon what you need for your party design.

Question??? "If these cloths look so nice, why don't more event and party stores use them?" "Because they don't go through a roll ironer. These have to be hand pressed or steamed out. Not very labor friendly for the average party rental store."

Printed (silk-screen) Tablecloths

Sometimes you need tablecloths with a corporate logo printed onto them. Jomar can handle that for you as well. We silkscreen directly onto our fabric using the artwork you send to us. All the printing is done by Jomar.

Barrel Tablecloths

Similar to the fitted cloths above but for round tables. Made without the pleats since there are no corners. These tablecloths have a top piece that fits the tabletop and then a sidepiece sewn all around. Again, more often used for visual merchandising tables.

Non-Pleated Wrap-Around

Think of a table skirt or stage skirt without pleats. We call them Non-pleated Wrap-Arounds…. Couldn’t think of a better name at the time. (non-pleated skirt just didn’t seem to work).

These are made with Velcro and Clips just like pleated skirting only just plain, without the pleats. Please call for pricing. Also, these are typically 29” high and usually sold in increments of two.

Chair Cushion Covers (click for details under chair covers)

Changing the color and fabric of your Chiavari chair cushions to match the chair ties and napkins or the tablecloths dramatically changes the feel of your table décor. Check our price list and call to request a sample to see for yourself.

Custom Size Tablecloths, napkins, and more

Jomar is glad to help make any custom size tablecloth, napkins, chair covers, curtains and more. Call us with your creative ideas and needs and let’s see what we can do.
We make special mitered corner napkins for some clients. We have made angled ramp skirting for others. What are you looking for? Let us know.

Yardage / Fabric by the yard

Jomar can provide you extra fabric (simply sold by the yard) for you to create your own pieces for swaging, decorating, and designing. All fabrics are available for purchase by the yard.


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