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Classic Table Decorating - Table Skirting

  • Shirr-Pleated
  • Box-Pleated
  • Lace with Valance
  • Non-Pleated (wrap-around)

Table skirts are perfect for the Head Table, Gift and Cake Tables, Buffet / Serving Tables, Bride and Groom's Tables, Conference Room Tables, and Trade Show Display Tables.

Great thing about skirts?
They last and last and last and last. Many accounts have been using the same table skirts for many years.

Skirting is typically measured by the linear foot; I.e., 8', 13', 17 1/2', 21', etc...

Table Skirting

Standard Drop is 29". Made to any length.

All skirts will have a 29" drop unless otherwise requested.

  • Sold in 1/2' increments: i.e., 8', 8 1/2', 9', 9 1/2', 10', 10 1/2', etc.

TIP: Keep skirt lengths 24' or less to keep them more manageable. The longer they are the more difficult they can be to wash, dry, press and carry (they get pretty heavy).

Stage Skirting

Custom made to your stage height and length.

  • Typical stage heights are: 8", 15", 24", 30", 42", and 48". But all custom sizes can be made.
  • We recommend Black Vantage skirting for stages and we use black Velcro® & loop and black Velcro® adhesive hook strips to attach the skirts to the staging.

TIP: Since most staging sections tend to be in 4' or 8' sections, keep your stage skirts 8' long and just piece them together for your small or large set. Use black-colored Velcro® hook strips on your staging with black stage skirting.

Bar-Top Skirting

Use alone or as a two-piece set with your standard table skirts.

  • Typically these bar skirts are 12" or 15" high or 42" or 45" high.
  • We can make these for both serpentine and rectangle shaped bar-tops.

Clips and Strips

Skirts have the Velcro® Loop sewn on the back - the clips have the Hook side of the Velcro®.

Simply attach our skirting to the tables or stages using:

  1. Velcro® Clips - perfect for standard 1" wooden tables
  2. Flexi Clips - ideal for the thicker trade-show or plastic tables
  3. Velcro® Strips - great for staging or anywhere you want to add permanent Velcro® hook. The strips have 3M adhesive glue backing.

Skirting Recommendations

  • Piece your skirts together
    Instead of buying only long skirts buy two skirts. (I.e., buy an 8' and a 13' skirt instead of a 21' skirt for your 8' banquet table.) This will increase your versatility and save money on inventory. That same 13' table skirt can be used around the front 3 sides of a 6' table as well, etc.

    See our Linen Size Chart for standard table skirting sizes / requirements.

    We recommend using our Vantage and Satin Stripe fabrics for skirting. Our Fortex™ works fine as skirting also. But we find that the Vantage and Satin Stripe drape nicely down and also are a little easier to press.

    Satin Stripe fabric skirting - the stripes run horizontally.

  • Lace skirting
    Always Elegant - Always in Style. Lace table skirting looks best with a Valance on the skirt. Many decorators prefer to put a White or Ivory Vantage lining behind the lace.

TIP:  Jomar's fabulous Couvert Clip makes accenting table skirting a breeze. Use Couvert Clips to swag an overlay and add decorative Theme pieces to enhance buffet and head tables to create a unique, contemporary event look.

Photos courtesy of:
Signature Party Rentals, Santa Ana, CA
Arcadia Party Rentals, Arcadia, CA

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