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New Chair Covers and Overlays

Add a border to any overlay... you select the fabrics. Custom create your own designs.

Infinity Mimosa with Border

Swirl Ironwood with Champagne

Infinity Mimosa border overlay with coordinating half-cape. Accented by Prairie Burlap undercloth.

Chair Capes

  • Custom Design
  • Mix, match, coordinate
  • Use tassel or add your own bling
  • Full length to the floor with trim and tassle
  • Half length with trim alone

Prairie & Sedona

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As featured in “Style Me Pretty Canada” with Special Thanks to NJS Design and Sandra Regier Photography.

Banquet "Coverlet" With Ties

Introduced at the ARA Show to tremendous response, our new banquet table topper is an exciting new element to add unique décor to your events.

What to call it???

Took us a while to settle on choosing a name from: caplet, coverlet, topper, banquet cap, and even "Tie-One-On" (Thanks Debbie & Margie). We finally landed on "Coverlet" as the offical name for our elegant tabletop designs.

Whatever you decide to call it, these fitted toppers go over the top of a rectangle or square banquet table and have a 10” drop around all four sides.

Each corner is finished with matching ties to decorate each end.

Available in any Jomar fabric but they look especially nice in the Nova Pintuck, Infinity and Swirl which add texture to your table decorating.

These items are sold in multiples of two (even numbers) and our quantity and lead-time discounts apply since they are made with all Jomar fabrics.

Call us today and we will send you pricing. Need them right away? No problem. Just like all our linens, we can make these and send them to you right away for your events – never an extra charge for rush orders.


Nova Designer Collection

26 colors/4 styles/104 different choices

NOVA has been exclusively created by Jomar, Inc., in order to offer our customers a new, luxurious fabric which looks just like Dupioni Silk yet has the advantages of synthetic fibers, namely washability, durability, and affordablity.

Dupioni Silk is considered to be one of the most luxurious fabrics used primarily for expensive garments, draperies, and linens. It is distinguished from other silks by the texture of the silk "nubs" and its shimmering appearance. The interweaving of two silkworm cocoons yielding a double strand creates the unique fiber.

We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy this elegant fabric at a much lower price than real silk. We have carefully selected twenty-four very rich colors and four styles which can be used singularly or mixed with a complementary color. Nova Infinity and Nova Swirl are delicately embroidered with thread colors which coordinate with the color palette of the collection. This feature provides the opportunity to add for example, a solid Slate Blue napkin to a Chocolate Swirl pattern which has Gold and Slate Blue threads. Or, a Black Swirl overlay (with silver and gold threads) can be used over a longer Solid tablecloth with soft gold napkins, and maybe black Swirl chair ties.

The combinations are plentiful and the results create the basis for striking tablescapes. Each NOVA style, Solid, Pintuck, Infinity, and Swirl, are all exceptional "stand alone" tablecloths. The fabric is stunning and elegant and provides the best new look for every season.



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