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How to Measure

To determine the size that is best for your needs, you will need to know two things:

  1. The length and width of your table or, in the case of a round, the diameter.
  2. How far down off the edge of the table you want the cloth to drape (this is called the "drop"). 
    • A common "drop" is 12"-15".
    • For a cloth that goes to the ground, the common drop would be 30" to a floor that is not carpeted.

Ordering square or rectangle cloths

Since the drop is on both sides of the table, multiply the drop by 2 and add this measurement to both the width and length.

For example, your table is 48"x84". If you want a 12" drop, multiply 12 x 2 (24) and add 24 to your width (72") and length (108"). Thus, the cloth should be 72"x108".

A square or rectangular cloth to the ground will have rounded corners so it won't drag on the ground.

Ordering round cloths

For a round table, multiply the drop by 2 and add this number to the diameter

For example, a 60" round table with a 15" drop would be a 90" round cloth. 

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