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How to Fold Napkins

Fan Fare
  1. Fold napkin in half.
  2. Start accordion folding in 3/4 inch folds from bottom to about 1/3 from top.
  3. Fold in half with accordion pleats on outside.
  4. fold right corners into triangle overlapping at side by one inch.
  5. Fold one inch overlap under to create a base

Stand up and napkin will fan out.

Party Hat
  1. Fold napkin in half with open edge at top.
  2. Fold upper left corner down.
  3. Fold lower right corner up.
  4. Turn over to match shape sketched.
  5. Fold downward in half leaving small triangle at left.
  6. Pull hidden point at right down.
  7. Fold left corner towards center dividing left triangle in half.
  8. Fold lower triangle up.
  9. Turn over and tuck left corner into right pocket.

Stand up.

  1. Start with triangle.
  2. Hold finger on center at bottom (arrow) and lift top center point of top layer to left.
  3. Lift next point to left.
  4. Lift next point again.
  5. Fold right side under to finish off.
Fanciful Butterfly
  1. Fold open napkin to form triangle.
  2. Take left corner and fold up to center. Take right corner up to center creating diamond.
  3. Turn over, keeping loose points at top, then fold upward leaving margin at top to make triangle.
  4. Tuck the left corner into the right.
  5. Stand up. Turn around. Then turn petals down.
  6. It's a fanciful butterfly.
  1. Fold the napkin in quarters.
  2. Place it so the free corners are at top.
  3. Fold the left and right corners to the center.
  4. Turn the napkin over and accordion pleat it into four equal pleats.
  5. Slip the napkin through a napkin ring.

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