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More than just tablecloths.

From hanger tags to chair capes.... We got it!

Jomar provides a variety of additional products to go along with lines for  your event needs. From hangers and hanger labels to aisle runners or chair capes and even custom chair cushions.

Felt Table Pads

Stand out among your competitors by offering an upgraded look, at a very low cost to you.

Elegant look and feel on top of your table.

Protect your linens from being snagged.

  • Heavy-duty table pads are durable, washable, and easy to handle
  • Cover unsightly wood spots and hardware
  • Makes your place settings quiet and attractive
  • Great for protecting all linens, especially high-end and delicate fabrics
  • High return on investment: inexpensive and long-lasting
  • Standard pads can be fitted with elastic, if preferred
  • Available for Purchase or Sub-Rental

Sub-Rent Table Pads
Sub-rental available in standard style (non-elastic) in 60" round, 84" round, or 45" x 108" oblong (this is the cloth size, not the table size)

Laundry Note: Felt table pads are washable in warm water up to and no higher than 130 degrees. Cool dry. This material does shrink some in laundry; can shrink 3% - 4%.

TIP: Only buy two or three sizes and use them on all size tables. For example, an 84" Round pad will fit over a 48", 60" or 72" round table. A 45" x 108" rectangle pad can be used on both your 6' and 8' banquet tables.

Table Runners

Great decorative accent, low cost and versatile.

Table runners are very popular now as a way to spice-up the look of table decor. They add color, texture, dimension and flare.

  • Typical runners sizes are: 12" X 90" and 12" X 120".
  • Purchase or Sub-Rent table runners.
  • Coordinate matching colors & fabrics.
  • Add a Satin or Nova™ Solid trim to create unique looks.
  • Great way to add dozens of colors and fabrics to your tablecloth inventory.

Couvert Clips

Great decorative accent, low cost and versatile.

Jomar's unique, patented Couvert Clip is the perfect way to gather, swag, bunch and decorate fabric.


Aisle Runners

  • White or red (or any color or fabric if you wish.
  • Standard sizes are 30" wide and either 25', 50', 75', or 100' feet long.
  • Typically sold in pairs
  • We recommend using our Fortex™ because it is heavier and more durable.
  • Sub-Rent: Both White and Red aisle runners.

Laundry Supplies

First impressions go a long way...

To help you create a great impression with your customers and to help make handling your own linens easier - Jomar can provide you:.

  • Hangers
  • Plastic Linen Bags
  • Stretch Wrap
  • Hanger size tags
  • Skirting clips & velcro
  • Laundry Bags 30" x 45" w/ draw cord (Sold in pairs)

    TIP: Delivering your linens on hangers covered in plastic with easily identifiable size tags makes a great impression on your clients. Create a quality image!!

Fabric Swatches

To assist your marketing efforts...

Jomar's offers large fabric swatches for you to easily show customers all the fabrics available to them.

  • 3" X 5" fabric swatches. Each set comes on a ring and includes every color in that fabric line.
  • Nova™ 1 & 2
  • Fortex™
  • Vantage
  • Irridescent Crush
  • Specialty (Satin Stripe, Satin, Gingham, etc)
  • Organza
  • Damask

We typically provide a few of these sets free to you each year. If you need extra sets, there is a nominal charge.

Please call 866-390-1444 for details and to request your swatches.


For attaching table skirts and stage skirts.

We can provide you with our regular 3" Velcro® clip or a Flexi-Clip or adhesive Velcro® Strips (black or White). All of these have the "Hook Velcro" on them. "Clips Only" without the Velcro on them are also available _ perfect for holding tablecloths from blowing in the wind.

Chair Ties

  • Available for both purchase and sub-rental

Umbrella Slit In Your Tablecloths

  • Outdoor events often call for Umbrellas - This solves the linen problem

Chair Cushion Covers

  • Color coordinate Chairavi Chair Cushions with your linens, napkins and chair sashes
















Measure and order your table pads just like you would tablecloths; I.E., add together the size of your table along with how far you want the pad to drop.

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